No.1 Free and Effective Guide to Neck Pain Winchmore Hill

neck pain winchmore hill

No.1 Free and Effective Guide to Neck Pain Winchmore Hill

Neck Pain Winchmore Hill

Are you experiencing neck pain such as stiffness, aching or discomfort?

Do you find it difficult to move your neck without it hurting?

If so, please read on as Osteopath Sal Alu from Regain Health Osteopathy Clinic in Winchmore Hill

may be able to help you…

There may be many causes of neck pain. Here are the most common from my experience:


Have you had an accident or have been hit in the car from the side or from behind?

If so and within a few days later you started to experience neck pain then you may be suffering from Whiplash.

Whiplash occurs by forced hyper extension of the neck, usually caused by excessive force from the back or the side i.e from being hit from behind or the side in a car accident.

Hyper extension means excessive movment of the neck going in a backward (head tilting up) direction.

If it is sudden and forceful enough, it causes a whipping type movement of the neck which can cause the ligaments and soft tissues of the neck to overstretch and then cause pain.

The muscles surrounding the neck can tighten and even spasm as a protective mechanism to stop the joints and soft tissues from damaging further. This can cause the neck to lock.

If you experience neck pain coming from whiplash it is advisable to start moving the neck as quickly as possible but within a pain free range.

It may be limited in the beginning but and uncomfortable and cause discomfort but all movements should be pain free. The quicker movement is encouraged the less likely the locking/stiffness will remain.

Within the first few days, ICE may be advisable if there is inflammation present but then heat can be applied afterwards if the muscles are stiff. At this stage even a combination of 2mins on and off of ice and heat respectively for 10minutes in total may help.

If you follow the following advice and after a week or so you need more help then an Osteopathy consultation with an Osteopath may be advisable.

Another condition associated with neck pain could be facet joint dysfunction of the neck.

Facet Joint Dysfunction of the neck.

In my experience this can be caused by spending more time then the neck can cope with in an extended position (head tilted back). I have seen this occur typically in patients who are not regular painters or DIY workers but have recently spent time decorating or fixing light bulbs in their homes.

The prolonged periods of having the neck tilted back causes the joints on the side of the vertabrae (facet joints) to touch and rub and irritate leading to pain, tightness, stifness or a combination of all three.

The above is also common with patients who sleep with the pillow at the incorrect height. If one sleeps with too many pillows or if they are too high can cause the neck to not be in a straight position whilst laying on the side.

I would recommend that if you have to do this particular type of activity to take regular breaks during and afterwards to apply the ice and heat advice mentioned above for whiplash.

Again, if this does not suffice please speak to you a health professional. Osteopaths are well equipped and experienced in this type of condition but so are Physio’s and Chiropractors.

Lastly, neck pain can occur from having your laptop or computer screen at the wrong height. Please read my blog on how to  make sure you are sitting at your desk at the correct height.

If you still need help after having done this please feel free to contact me at

I hope you enjoyed the Neck Pain Winchmore Hill blog.