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What is Reiki Enfield?

Reiki is a form of therapy developed in Japan in the early 1900s by Dr Usui and has been used all over the world ever since.

It’s name derives from the Japanese words “Rei” meaning universal and “Ki” meaning energy and it is based on the belief that energy can stagnate in the body leading to dis-ease in the body.

This can also manifest into physical problems and is also known as a form of energy medicine.

Energy medicine and Reiki can help to increase and unblock this stagnant energy in the same way Chinese Medicine believes Acupuncture or Acupressure can do the same.

Practitioners believe that by improving the flow of energy around the body it can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed up the healing process and reduce other symptoms of illness.

In a Reiki treatment, the recipient can be fully clothed and either lying or standing whilst the practioner places their hands over or just above certain parts of the body. During which the practioners hands may feel warm , hot or tingly or a combination.

Reiki can be found in hopsitals, palliative care and even medical centres and is offered by Sal Alu at the Regain Health Clinic in Enfield

Sal studied Grecian Reiki in 2009 from the world renown Reiki therapist Alan Sweeney and has been practising and combining this with Osteopathy and Sports Massage treatments ever since.

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